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    Challenge 21 is an exciting, fun to play and mind-enhancing strategy board game. It is expected that playing the game will also make bonding with family and friends more enjoyable. Just like any other games, “CHALLENGE 21” is governed by a set of rules and procedures. This set of rules and procedures is easy to understand and can be learned in few minutes or in just one or two readings.

Know these rules and procedures by heart, always be mentally alert and win the challenge!

    Objective: This game shall serve as a tool for mental exercise to help develop and enhance one’s mental abilities since playing the game would require the player’s focused attention, observation, concentration, mental alertness, analysis, and creative strategizing or thinking out of the box. Every player thinks thoroughly and comprehensively every time the opponents move, to block or prevent the opponents from coming up with a successful combination of shapes, forms and/or patterns while at the same time, the player has to come-up with his/her own unique strategic move to be ahead in reaching for that winning combination of shapes, forms and/or patterns – just like in an art competition.
Each shape, form and/or pattern shall have corresponding points. A combination of such shapes, forms and/or patterns which reaches an equivalent of, at least, twenty-one (21) points will be the winning entry.



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